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Quick Web Design
what do we do?

Budget and Quick Websites

Our aim is to provide you with a rapid service to produce your website within 48 hours of receiving the content at a very attractive price.

We know that not everybody knows what is involved in building a website, so we help you through the process to acheive results, that you will be happy with.

What do I do next?

First contact us with a brief outline of what you want your website to do and how far you have got and your level of knowledge about websites. We will then provide you with FREE guidance on what steps you have to take before your website can be built.

Once you have the content and followed the pre-requisite steps that we have helped you identify, you will download your content to us. We will provide you with a quote to create your website based around our prices and then sit back and wait for your website to be delivered back to you within 48 hours, which you will be able to view in a development web area.

So simply:

  • Contact us with your needs
  • We provide you with FREE help to get the right content
  • You give your content to us
  • We produce your website
  • You approve your website
  • The world see's your website

Optional Services

We can provide you with extra services at a pre-arranged cost if required but due to your limited budget we give free help, for you do to these things yourself.

Find the right Website name

We have access to a variety of tools to help you get the right domain for you at the right price.

Photos Images

Although we strongly suggest as a great source of photographic images, you may wish us to source those images for you.

Website Content

We can provide you with website content.


We can host your website and email address if required.

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